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Spinal Mobility

OVERVIEW The cat-cow is an amazing exercise to get our spine moving and keep our spinal joints (and discs) healthy. Today we talk about how we can upgrade the cat-cow to get even more benefit from the already amazing exercise. Did you know that we have 24 vertebrae in...

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Best Hip Flexor Stretch

Overview Hip flexor tightness is very common in today’s society. We sit too much and we never seem to explore our full hip flexion or full hip extension range of motion. This is an amazing exercise to work on combating your hip flexor tightness and work on improving...

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Hip Adductor PAILS RAILS

OVERVIEW The hip adductors are very often overlooked when it comes to mobility training, especially for squatting. Tight hip adductors may actually cause the dreaded “butt wink” or lower back rounding at the bottom of the squat. Try this exercise and retest your squat...

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Hip Abduction Lift-Offs

Overview Training hip abduction is often overlooked. Shoot, too many people neglect the frontal plane altogether. Here’s a great exercise to work on strengthening your hip abductors near their end ranges of motion. This exercise will not only strengthen your hip...

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Terminal Hip Extension

OVERVIEW Hip extension is kind of an important range of motion to have... Especially if you walk. Or run. And we’re pretty sure the majority of you do both! It’s one of the most common ranges of motion we find that people have, but can’t control. What do we mean by...

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Hip External Rotation PAILs / RAILs

OVERVIEW Hip external rotation is another important range of motion for hip joint health as well as several exercises. Like squatting! Since we sit so much during the day, this is another range of motion that is often lacking. Incorporate this stretch into your...

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Hip Internal Rotation PAILs / RAILs

OVERVIEW Hip internal rotation is a very important range of motion. It’s important for things like squatting. Not to mention overall joint health! Did you know that hip internal rotation is usually the first range of motion lost at the hip and may indicate the need...

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Patella Mobilization for Knee Pain

Overview People with knee pain often overlook this simple mobility technique. Why? Probably because it's not sexy. It's not some cool, overly complicated exercise that they saw on Instagram. But simple goes a long way! No need to over complicate things. This mobility...

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Knee Flexion Lift-Offs

Knee Flexion Mobility: A Brief Overview It’s very common to have adequate amounts of knee flexibility, especially in knee flexion. But it’s also very common to have very little or no control over all of that flexibility. Unfortunately, this is often a reason why...

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Knee Flexion Passive Range Holds

Knee Flexion Mobility: A Brief Overview Many people have adequate knee flexion flexibility, but have limited control and strength over that flexibility. And that’s not optimal! Here’s an amazing exercise to work on controlling that flexibility and strengthening your...

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