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Wrist Extension Mobility

OVERVIEW Wrist pain...a very, very common complaint in those who strength/weight train. A lot of the times the solution is simple: more mobility. But remember, mobility isn’t just about creating flexibility. It’s about normalizing joint ranges of motion as well as...

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Shoulder Extension End Range Strengthening

OVERVIEW Shoulder extension is an often neglected range of motion when it comes to shoulder health. Probably because in today’s world we don’t do much that involves us needing to take our shoulders into extension. But that doesn’t mean it’s not important. Shoulder...

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Shoulder Flexion End Range Strengthening

OVERVIEW Do you want to bulletproof your shoulders? If yes, then this is a great exercise to work on creating strength at your end range of motion in shoulder flexion! It’s also a great way to work on shoulder flexion while minimizing compensations from occuring in...

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Shoulder Flexion Mobility

OVERVIEW Building yet again off of our last two posts! If you want to work on shoulder flexion mobility, you better first have assessed your shoulder joint capsule. AKA, do you have normal internal and external range of motion at the shoulder? If no, then that’s your...

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Shoulder External Rotation Mobility

OVERVIEW Let’s build off of yesterday’s post! Are you looking to improve your shoulder mobility? If yes, start by looking at your shoulder’s rotational capabilities. Do you have normal internal and external rotation ROM? If you’re limited in either of those ranges,...

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Shoulder Internal Rotation Mobility

OVERVIEW Looking to improve your shoulder mobility? Most people who are start at the totally wrong place. The first place to start is by assessing your rotational range of motion at the shoulder; your internal and external rotation ROM. And if you have a lack of range...

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Thoracic Spine Extension Mobility

OVERVIEW The upper back is often neglected when it comes to mobility training. Yet, most of us are stuck in thoracic flexion and could work on improving our upper back extension. This movement is one of our favorite movements to perform for working on thoracic...

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