Hip flexor tightness is very common in today’s society. We sit too much and we never seem to explore our full hip flexion or full hip extension range of motion.

This is an amazing exercise to work on combating your hip flexor tightness and work on improving your hip extension range of motion.

The Exercise

Achieve the half-kneeling lunge position. From here, find a stretch in your hip flexors on the straight hip without extending or arching through your lower back. You can do this by rotating your pelvis backwards (posteriorly tilting it) and squeezing your glutes. Hang out in this position for about 2 minutes passively and enjoy the stretch.

After 2 minutes, isometrically contract your hip flexors by thinking about dragging your knee forwards on the ground as hard as you can for 20 seconds. After this, slowly relax and try to rotate your pelvis backwards even more for 20 seconds. Repeat this cycle 1-2 more times.


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