We had a request to make a post on balance and how to improve it. So we’re honoring that request today.

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There are a few things that need to be considered when it comes to balance: the eyes, the inner ears, and our joints/muscles.

These three things work together to provide our brain with sensory information to keep us balanced!

Most people know that if you have an inner ear problem (i.e. vertigo), you will likely have balance problems. Likewise, you can imagine that if you do not have great vision, your balance may not be great either.

However, the inner ear and the eyes are not always the cause of balance problems.

We cannot overlook our joints and muscles!

Our joints and muscles (specifically our joint capsules and tendons) have lots of mechanoreceptors within them. Mechanoreceptors, also known as proprioceptors, provide our brain with information on where our body is within space. As you can imagine, this is very important for balance!

A simple way to improve your balance?

Stimulate your joint/tendon mechanoreceptors more frequently so they receive more sensory input and become better at relaying that information to your brain.

You can easily do this by moving your joints slowly and controlled throughout their entire range of motion on a daily basis. This is another great reason to do your CARs on a daily basis!

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