Ankle Joint Circles (CARS)

Ankle joint circles, or controlled articular rotations (CARS), are an amazing way to maintain our joint health and longevity. They can also preserve our joints’ ranges of motion.

If you have a known mobility restriction, while CARS may clear up the restriction in the long-term, it is best to perform a specific stretch or exercise for the known restriction (see below).

If you do not have a mobility restriction, then these ankle joint circles are an amazing movement tool to utilize to maintain your current ranges of motion and provide your brain with plenty of afferent feedback.

If you want to learn more about the science of joint circles (CARS) and why you should be doing them, download our Daily Movement Routine below!

Most Common Ankle Mobility Restriction

The most common mobility restriction at the ankle is ankle dorsiflexion. To assess if you have limited ankle dorsiflexion, perform our self-assessment here. If you had a joint-pinching sensation at the front of your ankle during the test, try this ankle joint banded mobilization. If you did not have a pinching sensation, but had a lack of range of motion, try these exercises:

ANkle cars video:


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