Our story and how Movement Upgraded came about.
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We both grew up with active lifestyles, always participating in at least one sport. Going into college, we took our backgrounds and interests in living active lifestyles a bit further by studying exercise science and kinesiology, with the hopes of continuing our education in graduate school (physical therapy for Jen and chiropractic for Ryan). This resulted in taking courses such as biomechanics, anatomy, physiology, physics, and strength and conditioning, all of which stirred quite a bit of interest between the two of us. As we dipped our toes into the breadth of knowledge of how the human body works, we began to feel sparks of interest. We found our conversations were becoming inundated with anatomical terms and exercise principles. These types of conversations never really dissipated – our dinners are typically filled with discussions about movement and health to this day (just ask any of our friends and family). This was just the beginning of both of our obsessions with learning, especially learning about anything related to the above topics. Fueled by genuine curiosity and dissatisfaction with the amount of knowledge we were receiving in our undergraduate curriculum, we began supplementing our school work with outside learning, including reading books, blogs, and research articles, listening to podcasts, and attending courses and seminars about all things related to health and movement.


The flame fueled by our interests and passion for learning more was not put out upon entering our respective graduate schools; it was intensified. The more we learned in our graduate school curriculums about diagnosing and treating patients, the more we felt we needed to learn. It also became clear that movement, or more specifically poor/less than optimal movement, was related to many of the health problems we would be treating when we graduated. We quickly realized that movement needed to be our specialty. If we could help people upgrade their movement so they could move better, they could then feel and perform better, leading to a better overall quality of life.



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