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Dr. Ryan Hosler

Chiropractic Physician & Strength Coach

I am a husband, fur-dad, life-long student, and forever skeptic. I have a passion for all things related to human movement and strength training. You will find me at the gym lifting heavy things, learning new skills or lifts, or talking about movement. When not in the gym, you will find me outdoors staying active or at the beach soaking up some sun. By training, I am a strength coach and chiropractor. I have a passion for helping people move better and becoming stronger and pain-free. I am forever learning and studying to be the best clinician and strength coach I can become. Since opening Movement Upgraded, I have had the opportunity to work with all sorts of athletes, from CrossFitters and Olympic weightlifters, to baseball and football players. I have also been involved with EXOS and the NFL Player’s Association, providing former NFL players with rehab care and strength training.

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Dr. Jen Hosler

Physical Therapist & Strength Coach

I am a wife, dog-mom, kettlebell-loving, beach bum. I love all things related to fitness and exercise – except running anything more than short sprints. I love learning new skills at the gym and being active outside. If I’m not soaking up sun, getting my sweat on, or reading a book, I am probably indulging with a glass of wine or a juicy burger. I never match my socks, and I own an extensive collection of colorful sunglasses.

Formally, I am a strength coach and physical therapist. I have extensive knowledge (thanks to my obsession with learning) in human movement and health, and I utilize this knowledge to empower others to take charge of their health and lives.

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Movement Upgraded Physical Therapy, Chiropractic & Personal Training

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