Get Back To the Workouts & Activities You Love

Functional Rehab & Performance Training in South Tampa

We help active adults & athletes like…

  • Erin, 40 years old, active adult – has had lower back pain most of her life. Traditional chiropractic care and physical therapy have not provided any long-term relief.
  • David, 54 years old, firefighter – loves golfing, but had to quit playing because it really hurts his shoulders.
  • Michelle, 32 years old, mother & wife – has been dealing with lower back & pelvic pain after giving birth and it’s now affecting her yoga practice.
  • Matthew, 22 years old, college student – powerlifter who injured his knee squatting and is now afraid of returning to his sport.
  • Brittany, 28 years old, runner – loves to run, but has had to cutback her mileage significantly because of her chronic lower back & hip pain.
  • Emily, 36 years old, self-employed – loves lifting weights for exercise, but seems to get hurt every couple of months. Wants to learn how to properly lift weights to mitigate injuring herself again.
  • Mark, 34 years old, engineer – exercises 5-6 days/week, but is tired of relying on his chiropractor and massage therapist routinely for back pain relief.

…get back to the workouts & activities they love.

How we're different...

At Movement Upgraded, we blend fitness & physical rehab together in a 1-on-1 setting so you can you overcome your complaints and achieve all of your fitness & movement goals.

Unfortunately, most rehab providers only treat your symptoms and rehab you back to your pre-injured state. Once you’re out of pain, they just expect you to be able to return to the workouts & activities you were doing before. Most of the time, this doesn’t work. We call this the chronic injury cycle…

Therapy treats your symptoms only -> you return to your sport/activities -> your pain/injury returns again.

This chronic injury cycle goes on-and-on until something changes.

That change is what we provide.

We’re not here just to make you feel better by treating your symptoms. We’re here to help you improve your overall mobility, strength, and joint health so you can build physical resiliency & decrease your chances of the pain/injury returning.