12-Week Full-Body Strength & Mobility Program


Improve your strength & conditioning, gain muscle mass, and improve your mobility in just 12 weeks.

Full-Body Strength & Mobility Program Overview:

  • 12 weeks of programming
  • 3 phases, each 4 weeks in duration
  • 4 training sessions per week
  • 60 minute sessions

Included in this downloadable program:

  • Detailed coaching notes for every exercise
  • Exercise video tutorials for correct form/technique
  • Sample training schedules
  • Detailed explanations of each training phase
  • Dynamic warm-up for your training sessions
  • Dynamic & active mobility exercises and stretches
  • Optional metabolic conditioning workouts


Required Equipment:

  • Various dumbbell weights
  • Barbell & weight plates
  • Various kettlebell weights
  • Squat rack/multi-purpose rack
  • Weight bench (adjustable for incline)
  • Pull-up bar
  • Physioball
  • Mini-bands (light to moderate resistance)
  • Monster bands (light to moderate resistance)
  • Cable machine (although not required; can substitute exercises)
  • Valslides or furniture sliders (although not required; can substitute exercises)

Exercise substitutions can easily be made if you do not have all the available equipment.

Who is this program for?

Anyone who is new to strength training can easily and safely utilize this program. This program is also created for those who have hit plateaus and/or who are looking to incorporate more mobility work into their training sessions.

Is this a recurring payment?

No, this is a one-time payment for lifetime access to the training program. You can repeat this program over and over again for 12-week cycles.

What if I’m currently injured?
The exercises within the training program are joint-friendly exercises and most can be modified to your individual needs. If you purchase the program and there are certain exercises you simply can’t perform because of a current injury, then reach out to us for specific modifications.

What if I’m not very mobile?
Perfect! This program will help improve your overall mobility through various exercises, stretches, and movements. There’s no better time to start working on your mobility than now.

What if I already strength train?
That’s awesome! However, you may not be maximizing your potential. Our program follows scientifically proven strength & conditioning principles to maximize your strength and hypertrophy gains, as well as improve your overall mobility.

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Uses The Best Training Styles Out There

This program was designed using a mix of all of the best and most researched training styles:

  • Traditional strength training
  • Hypertrophy training
  • Muscular endurance training
  • Bodyweight training
  • Joint-mobility training
  • Metabolic conditioning
  • Dynamic warm-ups


Designed From Experience

Created by Dr. Ryan Hosler and Dr. Jen Hosler who both have extensive knowledge and experience in strength & conditioning, rehab, and human movement.


Mobile Friendly

Bring the training program where ever you go. Made so you can easily access the program on your mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

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