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If you’re avoiding enjoyable activities, struggling with your day-to-day tasks, or experiencing poor results working with other healthcare providers, we’re here for you.

It’s time to get answers from evidence-based healthcare providers who are interested in providing you with the best, most up-to-date treatment strategies for your complaints.

Most muscle, joint, and nerve complaints can be easily resolved with simple movement and exercise strategies.

We’ll help you avoid unnecessary medication, surgery, and/or imaging with a customized treatment plan tailored to your individual wants, needs, and goals.

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I’m a physician myself and I know there aren’t any quick fixes when it comes to health, nonetheless this was what I thought I needed. Dr. Ryan emphasized that in order to fix my problem I needed to learn how to move better and properly, which in the long run would help me prevent future injuries. I appreciated Dr. Ryan’s approach and trusted him wholeheartedly. I followed his instructions and worked on my prescribed exercises regularly. Not only did my pain get better, these improved movement patterns and exercises translated into better technique, more strength at the gym and this allowed me to get back into competing at the local and national level.

-Carla D.

As someone who weight trains on a regular basis myself, it was a tremendous relief to meet a doctor who had as much knowledge and personal experience as Dr. Hosler. It really makes a difference both in my rehab, as well as my confidence in his abilities.

-Miles A.

I went to Ryan for help with knee issues. He was quick to identify the problem and provide “doable” exercises to get me on the path to pain free mobility. Ryan is enthusiastic and knowledgeable. He’ll get you in good shape in no time! I highly recommend checking out his no nonsense approach to wellness.

-Tammy L.

Dr. Ryan got me back running pain free. He did a full assessment of my movement/mobility and then guided me thru exercises to strengthen my body and get it back functioning correctly. I learnt so much and have confidence that I can be a better /stronger runner going forward. Would definitely recommend Movement Upgraded to any one experiencing pain, injury, imbalances or just looking to get stronger.

-Becky H.

Dr. Ryan is an awesome resource who made a huge difference in how I feel, move, and exercise on a daily basis. He’s knowledgeable about his profession and super effective in a very short period of time. Highly recommended to anyone with pain, mobility restrictions, or just a general desire to move and feel better.

-Brett H.

Dr. Ryan helped me strengthen my back and core through exercise. The techniques used helped to alleviate pain without chiropractic manipulation. He is very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.

-Mindy T.

I came to Dr. Hosler with pain in my shoulder that was limiting my ability to do almost any upper body exercises. I had gone to other chiropractors and even tried prolotherapy shots to help heal the area, but nothing was working over the past year. In less than 2 months of working with Dr. Hosler, my pain is almost completely gone and I can perform most exercises again. This is important to me as I am a personal trainer and I was so limited that it was hard for me to demonstrate some movements to my clients.

-Amid W.

I had the best experience at Movement Upgraded! Dr. Ryan Hosler was super kind and welcoming from the second I arrived for my movement assessment. He welcomed us at the door and spent time reviewing all of my concerns in my paperwork. His movement examination was thorough and he answered all of my questions with helpful descriptions and easy to understand terminology.

-Stef S.

I work in the fitness field and the movement principles Dr. Ryan informed me of were game changers. I plan on recommending Movement Upgraded to anyone and everyone.

-Nick B.

I completed my initial assessment with Dr. Hosler today and was very impressed with his attention to detail and how well he was able to pinpoint the root causes of my range of motion issues. I also really appreciated the detailed follow up email that reviewed what we found during the assessment.

-Joel M.

Great experience and you will learn more about your bodies movement capabilities, which you should possess! I went through a movement assessment with Dr. Ryan Hosler and was able to see things my body was doing (or not doing.) We screened how all the joints in my body are functioning.

-Zach M.

As a fitness professional, I am a huge advocate of manual work and chiropractic care! I went to see Dr. Ryan Hosler on a recommendation and Thank God I did! Great experience and I cannot wait to go back. He’s a family man, informative, kind, caring, and is very gentle!

-Natalie N.

The practice comes off as genuine and not some voodoo cracking shenanigans. He actually did not even crack me the whole assessment. I highly recommend Dr. Hosler to anyone looking to perform or just move better/healthier in life.

-Clifton T.

Dr. Hosler is very knowledgeable and helpful. Provides details follow up emails with videos of exercises for his clients after appointments. I recommend you see him if you are struggling with back and joint issues.

-Max W.

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