We Help Active Adults & Athletes Get Back To The Workouts & Activities They Love Without Pain Medication, Injections, Or Surgery.

How Can We Help?

At Movement Upgraded, we offer personalized physical therapy & functional rehab for all types of aches, pains, and injuries. Whether you’re currently physically injured and in pain, or you’re looking to prevent an injury, we’re here to help.

Performance Physical Therapy & Functional Rehab

Not only can we help you get better after an injury, we can also help you mitigate future injuries. You’ll be able to do anything in life better, with more ease, and without pain.

Who Do We Help?

At Movement Upgraded, we help active adults, ahletes, and weekend warriors in the Tampa Bay Area get gack to the workouts and activities they love without pain medications, injections, or surgery.

We understand that everyone’s pain experience is unique. This is why we take our time to get to know you and how your complaint is affecting your life – so we can create an individualized physical therapy & functional rehab plan that focuses on you and your goals.

Our 3-Step Process

Step #1

Find The Real Causes Of Your Complaint.

We’ll take the time to talk with you privately in a 1-on-1 setting to get to the root of your complaints. Then, we’ll take you through our functional mobility, flexibility, and movement assessment. After our assessment, we’ll explain what is necessary to get you back to the activites you love performing.

Step #2

Improve Your Mobility, Flexibility, And Strength Deficits.

We’ll develop a personalized physical rehab & functional mobility plan tailored specifically to you. This plan will get you more mobile, improve your flexibility, and ultimately stronger and pain-free so you can get back to the activities you love and achieve all your movement & fitness goals.

Step #3

Achieve Optimal Physical Health.

Once we get you back to performing the activities you love pain-free, our performance therapists will continue working with you to achieve optimal physical health. This includes monthly mobility & functional training programs to optimize your joint mobility, improve your joint health, and build strength to mitigate injury.

At Movement Upgraded, You’ll Always Receive:

  • 1-on-1 care with a Performance Therapist.
  • An individualized treatment plan to improve your mobility, flexibility, and functional strength.
  • Flexible hours & consistent care with the same Performance Therapist for more optimal results.
  • Frequency, goals, and treatments based on what is best for YOU, not what your insurance company dictates.

How We're Different...

At Movement Upgraded, we blend physical therapy and strength & conditioning together in a 1-on-1 setting so you can you overcome your complaints and achieve all of your fitness & movement goals.

Unfortunately, most therapists only treat your symptoms and rehab you back to your pre-injured state. Once you’re out of pain, they just expect you to be able to return to the workouts & activities you were doing prior. Most of the time, this doesn’t work. We call this the chronic injury cycle…

Therapy treats your symptoms only -> you return to your sport/activities -> your pain/injury returns again.

This chronic injury cycle goes on-and-on until something changes.

That change is what we provide.

We’re not here to just make you feel better by treating your symptoms, we’re here to help you improve your overall mobility, strength, and joint health so you can build physical resiliency & decrease your chances of the pain/injury returning.

Meet Our Performance Therapists In Tampa, FL

Dr. Jen Hosler

Performance Physical Therapist, Strength Coach, Mobility Specialist

Dr. Jen loves flexing, lifting, reading, and exploring, fueled mostly by burgers and red wine. She’s on a mission, inspired by her own injuries, to help women build resilient bodies and gain physical freedom to do the activities they love, for as long as physically possible. Dr. Jen believes that strength and fitness are the ultimate gateways to freedom and enjoying life to the fullest.

Dr. Ryan Hosler

Performance Chiropractor, Strength Coach, Mobility Specialist

Dr. Ryan lives an active lifestyle with his wife Jen and his golden retriever Oly. You can typically find him enjoying Florida’s outdoors, floating in the pool enjoying a cold beer, or in the gym training. Dr. Ryan does not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to rehab – he believes you deserve better than traditional physical rehab.

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