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fix your squat

Our comprehensive and all-inclusive guide to perfecting your squat. Self-assessments, mobility exercises, and corrective exercises all included. Stop guessing what may be wrong and find your true limitation. Everything that is included in the free version, but MUCH MORE extensive.

hypertrophy rebuild

Our 12-week hypertrophy based training program to help you finally lose that stubborn fat, gain the muscle mass you have always wanted, and become stronger & more confident in the gym. Give us 12 weeks to transform your life!


Biomechanics & Pain

"Aberrant biomechanics does not equate to pain."  We're all about assessing movement and making our patients better movers. However, movement and aberrant biomechanics does not necessarily equate to pain. And we’ll be the first to admit this. Pain is way more complex...

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It’s Not About Competition

It’s not about competition, it’s about collaboration. This is something we feel is very important in the rehab and strength training world. Strength coaches and personal trainers must collaborate with rehab and medical professionals. And vice versa! It works both...

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Training Workload

"If someone took 3x the recommended dosage of a medication and experienced side effects, the initial intervention would be to simply adjust the dosage. So why is it that when an athlete overdoses training workload and experiences side effects, we implement...

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