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We help ACTIVE ADULTS and athletes in the Tampa Bay Area who are IN PAIN, overcome their complaints and GET BACK to doing the things they LOVE without the FEAR of making things WORSE.



We help active adults and athletes who are passionate about their health get back to the sports and activities they love through functional rehab, physical therapy, strength & mobility training, and sports chiropractic care. We do this without pain medication, unnecessary surgery, or wasted trips to the medical doctor.

If you’re in your 20s-50s, we’ll help you rehab, heal, and stay as active as you want, while building confidence that you aren’t just “making things worse.”

We provide the most advanced non-surgical functional rehab therapies to eliminate pain, avoid pain medication and unnecessary surgery, and improve human performance. We believe that surgery and pain-masking medications should be used as a last resort…always.

At Movement Upgraded, we know what it’s like to be an active adult. We live active lifestyles ourselves. We get you… And we’re here for you when your body breaks down.

We’ve developed a functional rehab and corrective exercise approach that maximizes your body’s ability to heal and has helped hundreds of people stay active and avoid unnecessary surgery and pain medication.

We only take on clients that we’re confident we can help. If you think we can help you, book your free consultation or initial assessment today.

We look forward to working with you!

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It’s time to get to the root causes of your complaints so you can get back to living the active lifestyle you want.

There’s no need to suffer any longer. Schedule a free consultation today!

Get Back to Living the Active Lifestyle You Want & Deserve…

Whether that’s being outdoors, lifting weights in the gym, or playing the sports you love, our physical therapist and sports chiropractor can help!


Step 1

Schedule your initial assessment to get to the root causes of your complaint. We’ll work with you to help you understand your problem and why you’re currently in pain.

Step 2

With our expert help and guidance, you’ll be able to take control of your rehab and recovery process and quickly overcome your complaint.

Step 3

You’ll move, feel, and perform better! And be more resilient and confident than ever before. Finally get back to living the active lifestyle you love!

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There’s no need to suffer any longer. You can TAKE CONTROL of your life and get back to doing the things you LOVE.

If you want your life back, DO NOT WAIT any longer! Book a session today.

What Patients Are Saying About Movement Upgraded

Movement Upgraded is an experience unlike any other. Jen and Ryan really know what they’re doing. My body hasn’t felt... read more

TJ Vogel Avatar
TJ Vogel

Really enjoyed working with Dr. Hosler. Really easy to setup the appointment and super responsive via email/social media. Went... read more

Kirk Anderson Avatar
Kirk Anderson

Ryan is awesome! I started coming to Movement Upgraded with herniated discs and sciatic pain, and the stretches and exercises... read more

Amelia Christen Avatar
Amelia Christen

Dr. Ryan was able to see me the same day I called in. He adjusted my hips, neck, upper, middle,... read more

Gina Diaz Avatar
Gina Diaz

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If you're ready to eliminate your pain and get back to the active lifestyle you want, book your initial appointment with us online. We'll provide you with the help, knowledge, and tools you need to overcome your complaint and improve your human performance.

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If you want to discuss your health concerns and find simple solutions to address them, book a free 20-minute health consultation at our office. After your consultation, we'll give recommendations and guidance as well as the next best steps to allow you to address your health concerns.

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